Month: December 2017

The digitisation of procurement and its impact on talent !!!

More than half (51%) of jobs could be performed by machines in the next few years, according to research by consultancy McKinsey. While this sounds extreme, it is important to understand that predictions like this refer to job activities, not actual roles or positions.There is no doubt that jobs and roles, especially in procurement, will evolve because of the opportunities new technologies will bring to the workplace.

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Multi-year contracts: What’s in it for procurement?

When you are involved in an RFP process to fulfill a specific business need, one of the most critical factors while negotiating agreements with shortlisted suppliers is the duration of the contract. The business could be awarded for one year or for multiple years. While there is the obvious benefit of a one-year contract (“What if prices in the future go down as compared with the current price?”), there are multiple benefits that come out of a multi-year contract.

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