Month: February 2018

Procurement Interview Tips


The supply chain and logistics discipline is all about coordinating purchasing, production, logistics, materials and transportation to ensure the supply chain functions smoothly, providing the consumer, customer or user with the company’s products in a timely, efficient and satisfying manner. Keeping a supply chain running effectively requires excellent organization, attention to detail, communication, time management, multitasking and dedication, and working in the discipline demands nothing less in skills — especially if you’re aiming for a position in the procurement department, which oversees every aspect of the product acquisition process.Read More »

People Don’t Quit Procurement Jobs, They Quit Procurement Bosses !!!

There’s an old saying:  “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.”

This phrase applies to the procurement workplace as much as it applies to any workplace.

In fact, this may apply to the procurement workplace just a teeny-tiny bit more than some other environments.

Why’s that?

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