Month: March 2018

Artificial intelligence: Time for procurement to reap the rewards of automation

Procurement teams deal with huge volumes of complex data, which create a considerable administrative burden for the function and take up vast amounts of procurement professionals’ time. The function is among those that stand to benefit most from artificial intelligence (AI), yet it is often the poor relation of innovation – missing out on investments in technology made elsewhere in the business.

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Knowledge management is becoming critical for organisations as the current generation retires. So how can procurement leverage technology to ensure knowledge isn’t lost?

“Knowledge is power,” proclaimed Francis Bacon, the English philosopher whose advocacy of the scientific method fuelled the scientific revolution. Centuries later, Dale Carnegie, the American philosopher and writer, and perhaps the father of corporate training, responded, “Knowledge isn’t power, until it is applied.”

Bacon’s and Carnegie’s time may have passed – our economies and businesses are exponentially more global and complex – yet, their words still ring true.

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Lessons from KFC’s supply chain woes !!!

Around 20th February 2018, fast-food chain KFC closed nearly 650 of its outlets in the UK after its new logistics partner failed to deliver the chicken its stores needed.Behind the ’chicken chaos’ headlines are some serious lessons for procurement executives, regardless of the industry or the region in which they work.

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