About Us

Procurement Knowledge Sharing (PKS) is a close user group. The idea is to create a Semi-formal environment and give a platform to the participants for sharing the followings within the group. :


  • Procurement Knowledge Sharing: As it has been witnessed that unlike sales there is very limited information available related to Procurement in general. Reference material serving practical information such as best practices, sourcing technics, knowledge sharing, contract management, approved supplier list management, strategic sourcing and vendor performance evaluation and various other key aspects of procurement is hard to find. Hence the need to create this forum. On this forum group member would be sharing their learning and knowledge through various means.


  • Quality Suppliers: Vendor management is the core KRA of a procurement professional. We often struggle to find quality suppliers specially in case of first time Purchase (FTP) of material/goods/services, Goods and services which are unconventional, complex/customized in nature. On this forum one can seek domain specific suppliers. Group members would then respond with reliable, tried and tested quality suppliers who have provided required good/service to them in the past.


  • Job Opportunity Sharing: Again, unlike sales, very limited job opportunities pertaining to the procurement department are listed on web portals as most of them are closed references itself. Getting the right opportunity and the right resource at the right time is critical. As the cadre grows the sensitivity of the role and the information grows with it, hence everyone looks are a reliable resource. This forum aims at resolving this concern by encouraging sharing of job opportunities within the group


  • Semi-formal Gatherings: We encourage informal and formal gatherings association of group members. These gatherings/meetings will help individuals to know each other better and benefit from each others experience.


“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together” -James Cash Penney